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Evershed 12-16-07 08:01 PM

Hello from Snowed In Milwaukee
I ride a 700x23c front in all weather, I think they are great in the snow, most people think you need fat tires but I'm a broke college student with hopes of riding out to Ashland Oregon this summer to attend UBI's brazing class, I'm already enrolled for the 11th of August, anyone want to ride with me?

East Hill 12-17-07 07:35 AM

Hi Evershed, I would bet that you can find people along the way if you visit the regional forums and/or the touring forum. Don't know about the whole distance from Milwaukee, though...

Welcome to BF, and don't forget to post your experiences along the road!

East Hill

Siu Blue Wind 12-17-07 10:30 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!!

There are a lot of people that love to get together for group rides. Like East Hill said, check out the regional section and I bet you'll find something!

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