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utilitydan 12-20-07 05:07 AM

Crestone expert 101 S.A.S.
I just picked up a crestone expert 101 s.a.s. dual suspension mountain bike yesterday. S.A.S. stands for "super active suspension". The suspension consists of basically rubber bands, 2 for the front, and 1 heavier duty in the rear. This is one of the baddest looking mountain bikes I have ever seen. All I could find out about it is they only have 1995 listed under "bicycle Specifications", but my exact model is not listed there. I found 1 review on a similiar 2001, and the guy claims it was the best rubber band suspension bike he ever rode for under $600.00. Mine was listed for msrp of $699.00, although it was just named expert, excluding the 101. I think and hope I have found a gem and a real collectors item. The bike is fully functional. Anyone else know anything about this bike? I can send photos if you give me your email address. I tried posting a pic here once before, but had problems.

East Hill 12-20-07 08:02 AM

Hello Dan, there's a thread down in Forum Suggestions which goes through the steps needed to post a photo. It's easy once you get the hang of it, too!

I can't tell you anything about your bike, though. Perhaps post an enquiry in the Mountain Biking forum?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

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