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Woodporter 12-21-07 08:41 PM

Introduce myself
Just signed up to the forums.

Am 49, male, and have been riding regularly since April of this year. Prior to that maybe one or two miles per year.

What got me going was the need to get fit after a heart attack. Now I try to get about 25 miles per week, although winter has cut that back some.

I found the forums while researching for a good stationary bike to use until spring arrives. I am now thinking about trying to bike outside in the snow and ice.

East Hill 12-21-07 08:46 PM

Hi Woodporter! Heart attacks, diabetes, and knee problems seem to bring a lot of folks to cycling. That's not the best way to stumble on us, but I can guarantee that cycling will be one of the best parts on your road to recovery :) .

Good on ya for thinking about getting out there in the snow and ice. I've learned from my own experience that I would rather get out in the cold or rain than sit and ride a stationary bike. But I don't like television, and I do like birdwatching, so it's an easy choice for me!

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Woodporter 12-21-07 09:29 PM

East Hill

Thank you for the welcome.

East Hill 12-21-07 09:35 PM

Anytime :) .

By the way, what are you riding?

East Hill

Woodporter 12-21-07 10:00 PM

CCM mountain bike, 26 inch wheels.


East Hill 12-22-07 08:27 AM

A very sturdy ride, that would be then. There's a gentleman in the Classic & Vintage forum who collects CCMs :) .

East Hill

darksmaster923 12-22-07 10:54 AM

wassup dude!
welcome to bf

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