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michelinmike 12-25-07 06:26 PM

Tampa, Florida Throwdown
Hi Y'all--Mike here and I'm brand new to this site. I'm 59 going on 25, weigh in at 162 (I'm a little guy). Moved to Tampa Florida from New York City in 1983. Back in New York was a commuter cyclist, riding a Peugeot and I don't recall the model number (P16 comes to mind but not sure). It was red and I loved that bike. Bought new in 1979. Out of a brochure in a bike store on Amsterdam Avenue in the West 80's. They measured me for the correct frame size. After that, digested Richard's Bicycle Book.

Rode that Peugeot down Park Avenue including cobblestones to the Pan Am Building every day for a few years mixing it up with taxis and trucks and everything else you can think of. Collided with pedestrians a few times. Rode weekends in Central Park until the bike was stolen one day while I was at work. Had a Kryptonite lock but it didn't matter. It was not a high end Peugeot I think I paid $225.00 for it but it was a dream to ride. And the paint job was a killer.

Exit the bicycle in my life until 1987 when my wife and I bought each other a bicycle for Christmas. To this day she reams me about the "expensive" bike I bought --a Schwinn Super Sport that had been ordered by the shop for another customer who welched on the deal and never completed the purchase. That bike fit me like a glove (he must have been my size) and I couldn't look at another bike in the shop after riding it for a half hour. Total weight 17 lbs!! We paid around $475 for it and at the time that was a lot of money for a bicycle. This is my current ride, I've posted the specs in the C&V category here.

She's still the dream she was when I bought her. Some upgrades but not much. Shimano clipless pedals SPD system (how'd I ever ride without them?) and Michelin Krylion carbons for the road. Those tires are to die for, feels like I'm glued to the road and nimble on maneuvering. Also tough as nails. I upped to 23mm from the original 20's gumwalls that came with the bike-- a lot easier on my wrists and butt. Actually was running a 25 rear and 20 front for two years until I tore through the 20's fabric. It was the original tire--20 years old. All our vehicles have Michelins.

The wife's was a Panasonic City Bike which is today stored on hooks in our garage waiting for her retirement (she says) to be reconditioned at the LBS. The only thing she rides now is her SUV. We shall see. Tampa is not hospitable to cyclists and recently was voted the most dangerous city for pedestrians and by extension bicyclists as well. I use an orange and yellow safety vest at all times and ride days and nights--whenever I can fit an hour or more in.

I'm in the mortgage industry. We have three dogs--a Cairn Terrier, a West Highland White, and a Bichon Frise. All dogs are rescues. Also heavily partial toward big band jazz a la Stan Kenton, Woody Herman from 50's and early 60's. I favor pickup trucks, own a Toyota (all our vehicles are Toyota with one vintage Volvo in the barn) and reload my own ammunition on a reloading bench in my garage for plinking with my sidearms out at the Antelope Club range in Largo.

I have pics of the Schwinn just need to know where if not here to download them.

Thanks for the help in getting started here.

2wheeled 12-25-07 08:10 PM

Great intro Mike, you definitely need to get pictures up! Check here for directions:

Welcome & enjoy the forums.

East Hill 12-25-07 08:39 PM

Hi again, MM!

Did you know that you have a LOT in common with bigbossman, one of the nice guys in the C & V forum? I think we'll enjoy having you here :) .

Hey, photos of the dogs, too, when you get the photo posting thing figured out :D .

Welcome again to BF!

East Hill

michelinmike 12-25-07 10:43 PM

Thank you, East Hill, you are very kind. Pics of the Schwinn are now up at the C&V location. Thanks to several members who offered helpful suggestions to solve the problem. Just click on the photos to enlarge. Looking forward to meeting BigBossman. As to dog pics I will get some up for you. Only thing--our male Cairn is incredibly camera-shy and runs from the sound of the digital whenever I fire it up. Pictures of him are rare. He's the hunter of the group so it's uncanny that he does this. It's out of character. If there are any pics of your steed(s) anywhere on this site please let me know. I'd like to see what you ride.

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