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Spidermonkey07 12-28-07 09:09 AM

Hello from SW Florida
Hi All,
My name is Quang (Quan - silent G) and recently relocated to "God's Waiting Room" state. I got a mountain 10 years ago and it's sitting in the garage ever since. You see, before relocating to Florida, I lived in Calgary Alberta, Canada; the idea was to hit the foothills (K Country) on the weekend with friends. Foolish thinking and twice to the foothills packed up the bike up and moved to Windsor, Ontario. Not much place to ride there and the bike just sit in the garage. Fast forward 4 years and two kids (3-1/2 & 1-1/2) later and the bike's still sitting in the garage. Wife got this double stoller/bike trailer with the idea I take them for a spin around the block and I quickly found out I'm in terrible shape. So I'm looking forward to get back in shape with the help of this bike or is it foolish thinking on my part again??? At this age, I need all the helps and motivation I can get.

Happy Trail...

East Hill 12-28-07 09:15 AM

You can do it! Having the kids along will get in better shape even faster :) . Then, when you graduate to a road bike, you will be incredibly fast because you will have gotten rid of what, 100 some pounds 'just like that'!

Check out the regional forums, too, and say hi over there!

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

-=(8)=- 12-28-07 06:02 PM

Hello from SE - Fla !


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