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taylorcc 12-29-07 11:49 PM

Greetings from Austin

I have cycled off-and-on for years... then got into road bikes after moving to Austin in 99. With traveling because of work I kinda stopped riding much for a while until a bit of a year ago (2006ish) I started getting back into riding... Now I am commuting to work daily (8.5+ miles 1-way). Health has improved and I am much happier (staying out of cars reduces stress!).

Hope to see ya on the road.



East Hill 12-29-07 11:55 PM

Hi Taylor, check out the regional forums so you can say hi to the other Texans (yeah, there's a lot of them!).

What are you riding?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Tom Stormcrowe 12-30-07 12:15 AM

Hey Taylor, welcome to the forums!

Be sure to learn where Jester Hill is.....great training hill there:D

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