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bmxwarrior40 12-30-07 01:10 PM

hey from boonsboro,md!
hey everyone! my name is bobby. i have been rding for a little over a year now. i ride a dk six pack that i have completely re-done. its got a new brake system, new bars,seat/post and much more. i try to ride as much as possible but i play football and that can sometime get in the way. other than that im your typical rider. i do what i can and i dont try to look cool riding. i ride how i want so i can have fun becuase we all know its all about having fun right?

East Hill 12-30-07 01:14 PM

Yes, it is all about having fun! Can't do anything except compliment you on your choice of bike :) . Got any photos to show off?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

bmxwarrior40 12-30-07 01:23 PM

haha thanks for the compliment. what kind of bike you got? o and ill take some new pics as soon as i can since its currently hailing here. until then i can give u a list of what ive done to it, i have new tires both dmolition, demolition nub or dumb chuck pegs(cat remember), macneil silencer bars, 2 dia comp tech 77 levers, dia tech fiesta brake in the rear and i jsut put a dia comp brake on the front. im playin on buying a set of wheel as soon as i can. i was thinkig of gettin demoliton anorexia/bulmia hubs with sun rhyonlight rims. haha what you think?

East Hill 12-30-07 01:38 PM

I am not the BMX expert (there are experts here, though), and I will let the experts answer. I briefly tried developing some BMX skills and discovered that I don't have quite the balance for it :( . My husband got a bit worried one day watching me and threatened to take away the rest of my bikes :eek: (just kidding, he didn't really). He did convince me that I really wasn't cut out for BMX tricks, so now I just go and watch the locals at the BMX/skate park about three miles down the road, and have to make do with that...


East Hill

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