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markman 09-11-03 11:35 PM

New member in Bartlett, IL

Just signed up and looking forward to participating!

I'm the older brother of Montag (who just signed up today as well and told me about this site). I've ridden off and on for the last 15 years but have finally given in and admitted that I can't run enough anymore to keep in good shape without ruining my knees. Montag got me going again last month when he came to visit. Since then I've done 60-80 miles/week and feel stronger each day. My current bike is a 1988 Panasonic DX-3000 which I am looking to upgrade. If I can keep going through the Chicago winter I should be in good shape come Spring.

If there are any of you in the area looking for a riding partner let me know. Right now I ride solo and a training partner would be nice.

Montag 09-12-03 02:00 PM

Hey...did I give you permission to use my name?? :) Welcome, Bro!

Guest 09-12-03 02:10 PM

Keep it in the family! Don't bring your feuding here on the boards! This ain't family feud!


Welcome to both of you! Any other family members you'd care to recruit to the boards, let us know.... :)


r600aero 09-12-03 03:07 PM

welcome!!! hope you all enjoy the boards...

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