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eliisadick 12-31-07 07:36 AM

new tandem purchase, CDALE?
HI from Toronto,Canada , hi nice to see lots of cycle minded friends. the wife and i are tandem enthusiasts going a few years now. we live in snow infested country so divide years in half, lol....always looking forward to the big thaw, lol,,, looking at new cdale to replace our kuwahara touring rig, any advice is welcome. heres hoping for warmer weather,,

East Hill 12-31-07 10:10 AM

Hello eliisadick, there are more than a few members here who are husband and wife tandem riders, and they can be found in the Tandem forum (naturally :) ). Don't forget to check out the regional forums--there are a lot of members from T-town :D .

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Siu Blue Wind 12-31-07 11:18 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!!

Spring is closer every day, so it will be here soon enough! I'd like to see a pic of our tandem!

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