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Sprintking 09-16-03 03:57 AM

Hi From Geelong victroria australia
g day just wondering if there is anyone else from geelong on here

Chris L 09-16-03 04:33 AM

I've visited there once, but no, I'm not from that part of the world. Welcome to the forums in any case. I think we have a couple of Victorians who pop in occasionally.

r600aero 09-16-03 10:24 PM

I agree...:) and WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!

Jaimie65 09-30-03 10:59 PM

I used to go through Geelong on my way down the western district to my grandparents place just out of Terang.
Nice town shame about the football team though.

Aggressor 10-13-03 06:02 AM

Its always great to see other Aussies participating on the forum. I havent been back for a while! Welcome!!

richamilton 05-31-10 05:13 AM

I'm from Geelong - and now tat I'm back in the saddle, I'm getting ready for ATB - but starting with 3 times to work commute... just to get me going

Ziemas 05-31-10 05:16 AM

I'm not from there, but I'm quite fond of Geelong bitter.

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