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MObiker 01-14-08 07:52 PM

Just signed up
I have visited this forum a couple times, I finally signed up.
It's been cold around here, mid-Missouri so I have more time to be on the computer.
I do some mtn bike and road riding, about 50/50.
I would like to get a 29er this year, I'm thinking hardtail w/gears. I would like a 1x9 but I'm not sure I would save that much weight so maybe just stay with 27 speed. I'm thinking a steel frame, the LBS sells Jamis which has a nice one.
I already have 2 FS mtn bikes so I have to sell one to get the 29er.
I work a lot of hours so ride mostly on the weekend, turned 50 this year ouch !!

East Hill 01-14-08 07:57 PM

Hi MOBiker, there are a lot of members here in your state, so don't forget to visit the regional forums. Don't feel bad, my husband just turned 50 today :) .

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

MObiker 01-14-08 08:40 PM

East Hill,
Thanks for the reply. My sister lives in Federal Way. I get out there every couple years. A couple of years ago we road the Lewis river trail, that was great. Last time I was there we went to Whistler and did the downhill park. Next time she says Hood River. It's hard to beat all that you have out there for outdoor activities. No time to lose since I'm 50 now, did I mention that ???

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