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roadnoob412 01-16-08 12:30 PM

New guy in Houston
Hi there everybody,

I'm a total noob to the world of road cycling - been on the MTB all my life. My brother in law egged me on to ride in the BP MS150 here in Texas from Houston to Austin, so here I am! I have to say, so far I'm loving it! Road cycling is a great hobby, and a great way to get in shape.

I look forward to gleaning as much info as I can on all things related to riding!!!

See ya round!

East Hill 01-16-08 02:16 PM

Hi Tim, remember to check out the Texas sub-forum in the regional boards.

Good luck with the MS 150, and

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Siu Blue Wind 01-16-08 06:44 PM

Hi Tim *waves*

I'm another mtb'er turned roadie.

I had this thing for road bikes...didn't like 'em because of the position I was in (I have a bulging disk). I was able to get into it (thanks to my nephew) with a frame made just for me.

Since then I have never regretted it.

I hope you love road riding as much as I do. :)

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