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wrk101 01-17-08 08:43 PM

Newbie from SC/NC
I recently retired and now have no excuse to get my old bikes (2) back in running condition. I also could use the exercise. I like to wrench on stuff, I am an avid motorcyclist, with a pretty complete motorcycle shop at the house. I have started to pick up some bicycle specific tools, more to follow I am sure. I split time between Greenville, SC and Waynesville, NC. I will be seeking patient advice as I tear down, break, and eventually get my bikes back on the road. I also have already picked up three more bikes, one CL, and two from the local Salvation Army.

East Hill 01-17-08 09:04 PM

Hi wrk101, you sound as if you are a perfect candidate to join us in the Classic & Vintage forum :) .

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

wrk101 01-20-08 10:02 PM

Yes, I have been mainly trolling the classic forum for ideas on how best to rebuild my old bikes. So far, I have my 1975 college bike down to the frame..... Its nothing special for sure, but I figure I owe it this much.

East Hill 01-21-08 09:39 AM

Well, let us know how it goes--we like before and after photos!

East Hill

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