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goink 09-21-03 11:54 AM

hi all
i got the PM saying i should introduce myself, so ok. hehe

My name is Alex, im 18 and just started college this year. im thinking that when the weather starts getting nice again in the spring, im going to bike uptown, even though its mostly up hill and will be exhuasting.

been living in New York since i was 3, born in russia. ummm...i havent really ridden a bike in like 2 years as i was either working or just walking because my bike had dented front wheel and it was all wobbly. never got around to replacing it. prior to that i basically spent every summer for like 5 years on a bike, every day; which is hardly much for you guys, but im not big on biking through the rain and snow and freezing temps. here in the city.

oh yea, heh. the bike i just got is a Ross MT 1600 Rock Machine. it says 7000 series Auminum on it, so i guess that means something too :P. i got the bike as a gift and i cant find a single peice of info on the company except for what you guys already told me in the other thread. :)

late 09-21-03 05:23 PM

Hi Goink,
welcome, what part of Russia are you from?

goink 09-21-03 08:58 PM

not actually from russia. i was born in Odessa, Ukraine. its a fairly large city of about a million people. but like i dont speak ukranian, only russian. my mom can hardly say a word in ukranian.

r600aero 09-22-03 01:23 AM

cool...:) welcome to the forums...

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