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bellabutt 01-19-08 01:52 PM

Hey from Orlando,FL

Hey everyone. My name is Hilary and I am from Orlando. I am new to biking and new to forums. I want to learn not very knowledgeable...I have been biking on the Little Econ Greenway and have only gone a few times but about 8 miles each time. I really loved it!

-=(8)=- 01-19-08 02:05 PM

Hello from a southern neighbor in Juno Beach
Welcome :beer:

East Hill 01-19-08 02:06 PM

Hello Hilary! What kind of bike are you riding?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

linux_author 01-19-08 04:18 PM

- hey!

- avoid those controlled burns and fog conditions... and fer gawd's sake, stay off of I-4!

(scared to cross the Howard Frankenstein at any time)


bellabutt 01-20-08 09:03 PM

I have a pretty basic 15-speed that my roommate bought for from actually wondering how to adjust it correctly...i mean it im clueless!!

Oh i will stay off I'4 for so afraid to even be on main city roads around one ever looks for peds or bikers and ive had 3 or 4 friends that have been scares me!

East Hill 01-20-08 09:10 PM

The Bicycle Mechanics forum can answer most of your questions. Check out Sheldon Brown's website, and Park Tool.

Captain Brown is a member of BikeForums, and a great guy. If you're lucky, he may answer your question personally!

East Hill

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