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lns55 02-08-08 07:59 PM

I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I live in Cleveland. I'm an older rider- mid fifties. Started back riding about two years ago. I have been commuting to work by bike since last march. There has been a few times I did'nt ride this winter- the weather was too brutal. I really love riding and am enjoying the cycling experience. Again "hi" to everyone in the forum.

lesdunham 02-08-08 08:15 PM

Hello ins55

Welcome to bikeforums. It has been a lousy winter for any cycling this year. It will change soon enough. You ride regularly commuting. Ramping up to regular road cycling should not be exceptionally hard. Riding with a group has mulitple benefits. Maybe look at riding a century or 2 this year would be a good goal.

East Hill 02-08-08 09:49 PM

Hi Ins55, don't feel bad about not riding every day--sometimes the weather is just TOO much, you know? What kind of bike are you riding?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

redheadgirl 02-09-08 01:18 AM

we'd love to see your ride. :) any pics? :)

fthomas 02-09-08 01:21 AM

Welcome! Come on over to the 50+ forum. People are great and we all seem to have a good time.

Tude 02-09-08 04:08 PM

<does a little dance ...>

WHOOT!! another commuter!!

I'm <evil, evil, most evil GLARE> coming up on the 50 ...

But ha-ell that won't do anything to me (I hope)

But seriously - I am a total commuter - been car free for more than 8 or so years - and by choice (don't need one in the city).

My commutes though during drive time can be very busy - hence dangerous. I put my foot down on ice stuff in the winter for commuting - snow I'll do as long as there's not so much of it that the piles of it has taken up the "parking" lane of the road and reduced the driving are for cars - that sucks. While I could ride this - I choose to ride the bus for these bad days. My bus ride is only 12 or so minutes long, why should I hurt myself (or worse) when I have another reasonable option available.

That's just drivetime though. I get itchy and when I getout of work I go and toss on the bike clothes and head out for some miles - or, yes, go do some grocery shopping. :D

Welcome Aboard

lns55 02-09-08 09:02 PM

Hi East Hill,
Right now I'm riding a Kona Smoke for commuting and I also have a KHS Comp ST mtb. I enjoy taking the mtb out on the towpaths and railtrails. I'm looking for a fixed gear for my commuter. Either a IRO or a Kona Paddy Wagon. Have not rode as much as I would like this winter - I have Asthma and the really cold air bothers me sometimes but I'm itching to get back at it before too long. I've been taking the train and the bus this winter and it okay but I much prefer to ride my bike.
How about you? Do you do a lot of riding in the city too?

lns55 02-09-08 09:08 PM

Hi redheadgirl,

I will some pics soon. I'm riding a Kona Smoke for my commuter and I have a KHS Comp ST mtb also.
I'm looking for something a little lighter, quicker and nimbler for my commute. I ride in a lot of traffic- right through downtown Cleveland everyday. What kind of riding do you do mostly?

lns55 02-09-08 09:24 PM

riding in city
Hi Tude,

I too have been carefree(only a year and a half for me so far). I,ve been taking the train and bus this winter. It's okay but I can't wait to start riding again. I have asthma so don't ride when it's really cold and it's cold alot in Cleveland! Fortunately I work an off hours shift so I don't have to ride in heavy traffic all the time. I have to go through downtown and that gets a little crazy sometimes! I've learned alot this past year. There is just so much you have to be aware of when biking in the city. I'm riding a Kona Smoke for my commute and I have a mtb that I like to go out on the towpaths and railtrails on. I'm looking to buy something a little lighter and faster for my daily commter next month. How about you? What type of bike do you like to ride?

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