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s0crates 02-10-08 05:05 PM

New member from Miami, FL
Hello everyone,

I'm a new member from Miami, FL, and I am mostly looking for people from the same city. I'm trying to start a critical mass group (we already have a few, but I'm mostly trying to unite them), and trying to improve the bikeability of our city since those of us that have been to Miami know, Miami is certainly not a good city to ride in! Well, the weather is great here for writing year round but the traffic is a pain and the drivers have no respect. The engineering in this city has been poorly done, and therefore the roads are poorly laid out for bicyclists. There are no bike lanes here that are suitable for actual riding and I intend to change that. I started another forum at and would like to invite those that have similar interests to join us. I hope that this is legal to advertise in this forum, but if not I will be happy to remove the link. My only intentions are to unite the cyclists of South Florida to induce change in the safety of the city. Anyways, let's see how it goes.

More about me, I've been riding in Miami, commuting now for about 6 months and have been riding most of my life (about 10 years or so). I have recently gotten serious into road bikes and love them very much. I ride a single speed now everywhere I go and it's a great bike. I have a cannondale capo and it rides great. Anyways, that's about it. If you like check out the Miami critical mass movement at my site


East Hill 02-10-08 05:07 PM

Hello Richard, there are quite a few members here from Florida, and a number of them from Miami.

Check out the regional subforums, too.

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

-=(8)=- 02-10-08 05:13 PM

Hey Richard :beer:
Im a neighbor to the north, Juno......

If a S.FL CritMass gets organized maybe it could roam ?
Miami, Ft. Slaughterdale, Waste Palm ???
Its needed up the entire coast.

Be safe !!

LEm :)

Here is a recent thread that might interest (or depress) you.....

s0crates 02-10-08 05:44 PM

Hey Lem thanks for the link, I already replied in that post. I love the nick names for the cities, that's funny. I always wondered what the biking situation was like up I95, I guess not much better. Hopefully we can start something here in Miami and let it serve as an example for others up north. It's a great state to ride bike and it's so damn unfortunate that the only reason it's unsafe is because of the drivers and the civil layout of the city. If you care to check out the website I started and complain to the Director of the Public Works dept, I'm sure your voice will take us one step further to getting a top-down fix to this concrete conundrum..


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