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MNsnowmoon 02-13-08 07:05 PM

Hello from MN year round biker
I am a car-free utility bicyclist who uses biking/walking/bussing as my means of getting from A to B. I have been cycling most of the last four winters, until the roads become to dicey to ‘share’ with motorists. Living in St. Paul, I also have to contend with major hills by the Mississippi River; gotta’ love those granny gears!

As a plus size woman in her second half century, I am reluctant to trust my fate to motorists. I take almost being squished rather personally. Go figure.

My main winter bike is a Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike with disk brakes (yup, they really do make a difference in ice and snow). Two folders round out my stable: a Brompton for ease of popping on & off the bike whilst using the bus/bike combination, and a Pocket Llama from BikeFriday, for a folder that rides like a real bike.

My day job is teaching in the St. Paul Public Schools, with about 12 of the last 14 years spent teaching special education in juvenile correctional settings. Next year it’s back to regular education teaching for me. Special education has become 'death by a thousand paper cuts'. I guess I’d rather be done in by a car-dependent-fiend than be snuffed out by fully mandated, grossly inadequately funded federal mandate. Besides, I’d rather die on my bike, thank you very much!

On your bike!

colo. 3spd man 02-13-08 10:38 PM

Welcome MNsnowmoon I can,t stay and chat now, but I'm a full time cyclist as well, keep coming back this is a great site, try the commuter forum, see you there.

East Hill 02-14-08 12:03 AM

Hello MNsnowmoon, lots of forums here that you might find of interest--commuting, winter cycling, 50+, Clydesdales/Athenas...don't be shy about posting, either!

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Tude 02-14-08 12:58 AM

Wimmens on bikes = Yay! And I understand the potential "squishy" commutes .. been car-free about 8 years or so myself (by choice) - and in bad weather - but I also have the option of riding a bus to work that is a big 12-15 plus minute ride to work. While I prefer to have my freedom - I also like to be safe - so in icey, very snowy weather I opt for a bus. Especially when it comes to "drive-time" - and I don't feel bad about it either. Cause when I get home I'm usually back on the bike to go shopping, just riding etc. I would prefer to feel safe than sorry.

And, if you haven't investigated - there's a few different forums that are for commuters, Living Car Free, etc - and more. Hit Foo for a funky ride and you'll also find many of us are also on the other forums they offer here. :D Welcome!

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