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gforcesmith 02-13-08 09:04 PM

Central Florida commuter wanna-be
Hi everyone! I stumbled upon the BikeForums when I began my search for a worthwhile bike to get me to and from work and school. The parking on the University of Central Florida campus is absolutely horrendous, plus I have begun riding my girlfriend's bike from Target around the area and have really been enjoying it (the gears don't shift and the brakes don't stop...other than that, it's a great bike ;) ).

I'm new to the biking community, so I don't really know what I'm looking for. However, I look forward to learning more and purchasing a new (or used) bike in the near future!

colo. 3spd man 02-13-08 10:22 PM

Good luck
I found a 59 Raleigh last year at a thrift shop ($20) my third bike it has become my daily commuter and favorite in town rider, so look around try craigslist and check here for advice a lot of folks willing to help.:D

East Hill 02-13-08 11:43 PM

Hello gforcesmith, yes, keep an eye on Craigslist, and if you see anything of interest that's older, ask the Classic & Vintage forum folks their opinion. Or, you could check out the C & V forum, and keep an eye on the eBay and CL finds thread stickied near the top of the forum.

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Tude 02-14-08 01:19 AM

Oh man - you are so in need of a bike that works, especially if you enjoyed riding on one that --- had issues! Definitely search out Craigslist, perhaps local papers (my local papers don't really have much), - but also Google local Bicycle clubs - my club has not only a side listing of what they have for sale (my club is 450 strong so there's usually something out there for sale) - and also I have one - if not more LBS that have some used bikes for sale.

:) the college may even have some tips on bicycles, if not even some people available who can help perhaps with the bicycle problems.

I work at a 2 yr school here in NY and we've gone "green". There are a serious bunch of us commuters here who, with the help of a Dean who bicycles as well as many others, encourage bicycling as a means to commute, live well and also be a non-polluter and enjoy yourself.

I also know of one - if not two 4 yr schools around here who encourage the same (bicycling) and have some programs set up for maintenance and/or bicycle sharing.

check 'em out!

Meanwhile - Welcome aboard!

RonH 02-14-08 07:05 AM

I don't know what your budget is but why not visit a few shops near UCF (like Bike Works - 2 shops near UCF). Most other bike shops are farther west in Orlando/Winter Park/Altamonte Springs/Lake Mary.

Contact for info on good commuting routes.

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