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Manetheren 02-14-08 01:03 AM

Three season cyclist from Winnipeg
Hello. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (a little over an hour north of North Dakota). I started riding periodically 11 years ago on a 1997 Diamondback Outlook MTB, which just died last summer. I gradually rode more and more often until I became a daily commuter a few years ago. I ride when the streets are free of ice, which here is usually late March til early November. My commute is about 8 km (5 miles) each way, taking about 20 minutes (15 by car). The biggest hill is about two feet - a railway crossing. My current ride is a 2005 Marin San Rafael hybrid, which is mostly stock; the only added items are fenders, lights, a gel seat pad, and SPD pedals. I'm a 35 year old male, working as a library technician for a local university. You may not see me posting a lot, but I'll be lurking and reading.

Tude 02-14-08 01:09 AM

Well hey! Lurkers, readers and commuters, etc are always welcome!

Lots of commuters here, hit the commuting forum as well as Living CarFree for some other people who share in the same ideal (like me). And as you, I commute - but feel that I commute wisely - ice is a nasty thing. I mean I love taking my mtb out to play in the snow - but when it comes to commute time in a city and dealing with ice and several inches of slushy (due to salt, etc) stuff and frozen junk - I take a bus - at least during rush hour.

Join the big huge crowd :) Welcome aboard!

East Hill 02-14-08 01:10 AM

Hi Manetheren, don't be shy about posting :) . There's always Foo (down near the bottom of the index page), and we have a number of librarians as members :D .

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Manetheren 02-14-08 01:55 AM

Pretty speedy replies! I rarely get replied to on the other forum I'm a member of (totally different topic and only a few thousand members).

East Hill 02-14-08 02:02 AM

We like new people :) . We also like to encourage people to post!

East Hill

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