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bikeportland 02-17-08 05:49 PM

Howdy Fellow Bike Freaks
Yah know,

It's nice to find a place where others love what I love, and I mean that in the platonic sense. As opposed to this guy for example.
There probably is a forum for that too, I'm just glad I haven't found it.

I commute to work, appox. 24 mi. total, and I live in Maine. Crazy you ask? As soon as I get done this post, make a stir-fry, sit down and eat it, and then do the dishes I'm going to continue running around my apartment, screaming like a mad man.

I'm going to continue, and so far I've been loving it, although I've learned (the hard way) why you should service your hubs and BB regularly.

I have a few funny/fd up stories about my exploits and I look forward to sharing them with you guys. Right now I'm off to the basement to get my noble steed ready for my impending commute, and the rain outside is the freezing kind; you got to love it.



East Hill 02-17-08 08:17 PM

Hello bikeportland, so what kind of trusty steed have you got? If it's a classic steel bike, feel free to add to the photos here:

There's a whole forum devoted to riding in wintery conditions:

So don't worry, no one here thinks you're nuts :) .

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Tude 02-17-08 11:37 PM

WHOOT!! Welcome fellow commuter!! :) Rochesterian here and for some reason kinda, but not really - getting used to the ice this year. Snow on me, rain on me - blow me around (put my foot down though on 35 mph) - but FREAK - the ice this year is nonstop.

<rant off :D>

Welcome, welcome - hope to see more of you over in the commute forum :D

bikeportland 02-18-08 02:36 PM

And that's the funny it not
I kind of like it when it is messy out, less cars...more danger, hell it's like being in Star Wars, minus the Yoda.

If Yoda was levitating along side me during my commute he would probably say something like:

"fing sweet, biking is"

I do love a mix in the conditions though. One never knows what to expect and planing for it, then beasting it, is half the fun.
Aping different accents and composing extemporaneous soliloquies is the other half. Did I mention that my total commute is over 20 miles? A lot of time on my hands, I have.

East Hill 02-18-08 02:47 PM

Is that one way or RT?

You have a lot of time to think, for sure, either way.

East Hill

bikeportland 02-18-08 05:19 PM

Definitely RT,

I've tried the one way 20 miler one way before, however, and...pretty much by the time I've showered and am ready to work, I'm completely useless.

This 12 mile each way commute is perfect. Just enough to peak right when your getting to work, what a great feeling!

What is yours like?

East Hill 02-18-08 07:21 PM

8.5 miles one way...lovely. About 70% of the ride is on a straight bike path, so it's free of cars :D .

East Hill

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