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bikepiper1 02-18-08 09:37 PM

Bikepiper1 ! Who knew ?
I am a relatively new Road racer. I raced mtn.bikes for two years several years ago. Due to causes unknown," jumping out of airplanes,close proximity blast from explosives,crashing often due to lack of technical skills on a mountain bike,Or trying to lift more than my body would allow on the flatbench at the gym", two of my cervical disk decide to leave my spine only to be detained by my spinal cord who at that moment felt it would be best if Mr. C3 and 4 could just hang around a little longer,thus compromising the nerves on that side of my body.putting a screeching halt on any physical activities for the near future.! so...after a couple of months of persuading by the spooky witch doctor chiropractor ,I was once again able to resume regular activities. only Mtn.Biking was put on hold for a while due to the aggravation the jarring caused in my neck. bought a road bike...and thought,.. damn...I have to ride with THOSE GUYS !! well after a few tuesday night race pace rides,,,me going off the front early in the ride thinking these guys are WAY TO SLOW,only to be passed at a crazy pace that was way too fast for me to get back on and stay,leaving me riding the remaining 20-25 miles by myself..pondering the ignorance of my actions. only to repeat it the following week . make a short story long..I trained and observed for the next two years, upgrading my ride each year until I started racing at the end of 05 the begining of 06. bought a litespeed! Entered my first race and won ! YAY ! did well that season 3 podium finishes and top ten in the majority of the remainding season...thought I was too good to train as hard the next season.. drank a lot of beer put on 15 lbs..raced my first race of the season and bam !..right out the race...Bam!! right out the back...needless to say ,at that point I figured it would be best just drinking beer and watching the TOUR DE France from my couch! Well I am making a comeback this year !! been training ,,lost a couple of a new ride! Colnago C 50 HP ! raced a couple of training races ! I am a cat 4 racing with the 3's , hoping it will push me a little harder!!I have accepted the realization that I am domesticated and will never really race in the bigs! but I mainly do it so I can drink beer and not look like other old guys who appear to be 8 mnths pregnant !..also to talk some smack to the young punks!and yes I play the Bagpipes! Thanks for the add!.....Oh !! and that PINK TEAM ! Black Sheep Cartel...I am diggin' the kit!! all thats missing is a pink 2008 Pinarello Prince ! maybe oneday I will be fast enough to wear that !

East Hill 02-18-08 09:40 PM

Whoa! Way cool intro...:D .

There's a couple of other members who play the pipes...but who have not had your interesting experiences with spinal disks. That's a tremendous return you made!


Well anyway, Welcome to BF!

East Hill

Floyd 02-19-08 08:59 AM

Welcome to the forums and this bunch of wild and crazy people... You will fit in

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