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Limba 10-12-03 08:30 PM

Hey guys,I'm new here.
Hey everyone.Some info on me.
I'm almost 34
started riding 1990
joined a local bike club in 1996
did lots of road and mtn. bike races,did ok,nothing special.
got burnt out two years ago
took last year off completely
ran a lot this year and lost 20 pounds(I'm 5'8" <140 pounds)
hammered my local group of roadies this year on my 'cross bike
I'll probably do at least one duathlon next year
I run 15k in just under an hour
I own a Rocky Mtn. Blizzard and a wicked Voodoo Limba cyclocross bike.
Next year I'm gonna get a real road bike again.Maybe a Trek 5200/5500?
I'm in the best shape of my life and want to get better

Gus Riley 10-12-03 09:12 PM

Welcome to the forums, where ya riding at?

Limba 10-13-03 02:54 PM

Southern Ontario,Canada.Today I rode 150k in five hours on my while everyone else was on their road bikes.We rode up all the big hills in the Hamilton area.Some of the hills were insane.Great day for me.

Gus Riley 10-13-03 07:13 PM

150 k on a MTB is good mileage! You're in good company here, there are lots of Canadians on the forums here! Enjoy! Welcome again!

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