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mntbikedude 10-17-03 05:51 PM

Just sayin hey
I am just stopping in to say hey. Looks like a pretty cool site. I enjoy riding both my mnt bikes. Keep road tires on the one I ride to work. Also completed riding the length of the oregon coast a year ago. That has been my best bike exsperience so far. Hope to ride from Canada to Calif next summer. Live close to Moab Ut, so lots of cool places to ride.


leafsnatcher 11-06-03 03:34 PM

how was it?
hey dude,

did you ride the coast as part of an organized ride, or solo? what was the trip like/how long did it take? I'd love to do that one day . I live in MS and hope to ride across Wisconsin next summer (if I can find a way to get up there..).


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