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mci021 03-18-08 11:54 AM

Newbie from Chicago
Hi all,

I'm in the Chicago suburbs and new to both cycling and this forum. I've been thinking about taking up bike riding seriously as a sport for a while, but hadn't done anything on it. Now that gas has gotten up over the $3.25 a gallon mark, it seems that ditching the car all together will be the way to go and a good impetice to start riding for real.

I came to the Bike Forums to hopefully meet some folks local to me interested in biking and for advice on the all important purchase of a first bike, which I'm planning to make once the weather settles down, hopefully on May 1. If anyone has any suggestions a new, short female rider looking to use her bike to commute and "around town," at least to start, I'd be grateful to hear them.

Nice to meet you all. I'm Megan. :)

East Hill 03-18-08 04:12 PM

Hi Megan, there's lot of members here in and around Chicago. Check into the regional forums and say hello. Yes, that expensive petrol is starting to change a few minds here and there, and besides, it's fun!

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

ilmooz 03-18-08 08:21 PM

Welcome to the forums, Megan. Start giving some thought now to the bike you want to purchase because once the warm weather hits you'll have a lot of company with you shopping at the bike shops.

bibliobob 03-21-08 03:06 PM

The Bike Show in Rosemont might be a good place to pick up some odds and ends helmet, lock, clothing, etc. I went to the show two years ago (when it was at Navy Pier) and found a few needed items for pretty decent prices.

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