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tbannin 03-18-08 07:46 PM

Tim Bannin
Hi everyone....I am Tim a fixed gear rider/commuter in Wichita Falls, TX. I am the resident commuter here (besides the bums). I have been riding almost my whole life and love to mountain bike. My overall favorite though is commuting. It makes me slow down and take more of life in, plus it helped me lose 25lbs. I am very avid and passionate about cycling and respect and love all those who bike in any fashion. I am 27, in college still, and trying to figure out life as we all are. Thanks for letting me into your little community and I look forward to talking with all of you in the future.

East Hill 03-18-08 07:49 PM

Hi Tim! There is a thriving Texas regional forum here, so stop in and say hi y'all! What bike are you riding?

Welcome to BF!

East Hill

tbannin 03-18-08 08:06 PM

What do I ride.....well lets see.

My commuter is a Giant Bowery that has been altered some.

My first mountain bike is a Specialized Stump Jumper...2002 full suspension with pretty much all new parts on it.

My other mountain bike is a single speed that I built with an old Diamondback Racing frame.

My road bike is a Trek 1500 (anthracite).

And my soon to be commuter is an old Ironman Centurion frame that I am in the process of building.

There you have it....I don't even own a car..that's how much I love it.

East Hill 03-18-08 08:07 PM

Originally Posted by tbannin (Post 6367892)

And my soon to be commuter is an old Ironman Centurion frame that I am in the process of building.

Centurion Ironman? Oh! Let's see some photos :D .

East Hill

tbannin 03-18-08 08:13 PM

When I get it built....It may take a while because I have my hubs on order with Phil Wood but it takes a while to get some that are powder coated white. So maybe in like four months I will have them and riding my new commuter/fixed gear. I can post some pictures of the frame right now, but it will be totally different when I am done.

I am going to put white Phil Wood hubs with white Velocity Deep V's, laced with black spokes and red nipples. I am going to try and get old Campy parts and run that and have them all powder coated white also as the frame is red with a little white. That's the plan so far, but we'll see as I get going what changes.

East Hill 03-18-08 08:22 PM

It sounds as if it wil be quite pretty when you're done. I love the Ironman bikes...

This is mine, a 1987.

East Hill

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