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TeleJohn 11-22-03 10:23 AM

I'm an environmental nazi.

a2psyklnut 11-24-03 10:09 AM

Yeah, I'm a Conservative Republican.

We can still agree that bikes are great!


erraticrider 11-24-03 06:25 PM

The nazis definately were not environmentalists. I support your point of being aggressive on the subject, though.

And, for that "conservative republican" who posted a reply-- I hope you mean in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt -- a republican who was conservationist to the core. Let's also not forget those conservatives of the Nixon era; they gave us the core of the present clean air act, the clean water act, and stronger pesticide regulation. So different from the ones in the white house now. It would be good if more in that party looked to their roots.

RonH 11-25-03 08:00 AM

Oh great. First the Underwear Nazi - now the environmental nazi. :rolleyes: :D

Welcome to BikeForums. What bike(s) do you own?

TeleJohn 11-25-03 11:25 AM

It is a label that seems to be assigned to me by a certain poster, given the values I tend to hold.
I feel that the tenets of civil discourse, which is important in the success of any internet forum, are violated when such labels are blithely applied to groups of people by forum members.

End of rant.

Right now I ride a 1996 Marin Stinson with rack, fenders, and panniers. I ride about 100+ miles per week. I have a 31 mile round trip bike commute to work.

I am interested in what a lighter, faster bike will be like but I enjoy my bike all the same.

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