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Thor06 05-06-08 03:27 PM

Hello all
Hey everyone, I just thought I should introduce myself. I'm Thor, I'm 20 years old and I go to school at the U of MN. Aside from working on bikes I enjoy running, working on cars, and tinkering with things. I have a 1985 Schwinn World Sport thats getting towards the end of its reconditioning. I got the bike mainly because gas is so expensive, but also because I could use a little extra exercise to make a few pounds fall off. In the future I plan to get an old Paramount that I will rebuild for a training/leisure bike and use the World Sport for a commuter. Anyway, its good to be here!

East Hill 05-06-08 05:45 PM

Hi Thor, did you say you have a World Sport? AND you plan on getting a Paramount?

I think I can safely urge you to visit the Classic & Vintage forum :) .

Bring photos!

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill

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