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Cully_J 06-18-08 02:03 PM


I'm a longtime Bike Forums observer who finally thought I should join and, instead of being passive, actually take part in some threads.

If you read my profile, you'll find out that I'm a trikester [my "hip", made-up term for trike-rider].

In the future I plan on putting together a trike zine or website.

Pleased to meet you all,
Cullen Carter

East Hill 06-19-08 06:23 AM

Hello Cullen, are you a hipster on your trike :D ? Do you roll up one pants leg and drink PBR?


Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
Forum Moderator

Cully_J 06-23-08 11:44 AM

Damn right...!
Unfortunately, with my damaged brain, drinking alcohol puts me at a high risk for seizures. But if I were to drink,it'd probably be something like Blatz or Old Style [I'd be kicking hipster, Milwaukee-Style].

With my trike, I'm definitely going to challenge - maybe redefine? - the definition of "hipster"

Oh, and, not too long in the future, I plan on putting out a trike zine called "Bi? No,Tri!". How's that for "Hipster"!?!?

East Hill 06-23-08 01:33 PM

Ah, I see you have a good sense of humour!

Have you taken a look at our Foo forum yet?

East Hill

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