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grayloon 06-24-08 04:22 PM

Howdy from Kingwood, Tx
I'm an old guy who got out of biking for a bunch of years, why, I don't know. Maybe it was living in W. Texas or the time spent in South Carolina. Anyway, I'm back to riding. My bikes include a 1983 Nishiki Cresta, which from reading both the Vintage and Touring boards appears to still be a respected old school touring bike, a 1996 Gary Fisher X-Caliber purchased for $50 through a kayak fishing forum from a guy who had too many bikes...he sold it to me cheap because I advertised looking for something to pull a bike trailer with my grandson riding in it, but its in very good shape, two early '90's Trek 800 Antelopes (Treks name for the bike, ugly paint job) his and her bikes, a late '80's Schwinn beach cruiser women's frame, and my grandson's cheap department store learner bike.

I'm back trying to build up my well as my I can do some long rides. Maybe in a year or two, I'll consider a long tour, but may want a new bike for that. Can one have too many bikes?

I'm 59, retired for some medical reasons that do not prevent riding, an avid kayak fisherman...also from a solo canoe, and love the outdoors. I've strong political opinions, but mostly keep those where they belong, so won't engage too much here. While no longer married, my ex and I share a house...weird, I know...and child rearing duties with our grandson who's five. We've been raising him together since almost birth and found it more convenient to not maintain two households. Its all for the kids. Hope to learn more about bicycling in the 21st century while still living with 20th century bikes.

East Hill 06-24-08 04:30 PM

How about some photos of the Nishiki?

I have five Nishikis myself, they are one of my favourite brands!

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
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