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Late2theroad 08-24-08 05:13 PM

Hello from Delaware.
Started five years ago not really sure I would ride much. Bought a Fuji hybred (Forza Royale) from a local bike store and it was fine up until now. Now I want much better equipment to be able to go for longer rides and more difficult rides. I don't care for the triple chain ring and want to go to a compact with upscale components and better brakes. Currently looking at three: Fuji Team RC, Cervello RS and Trek Madone 5.5 which are all pretty close in price and components. The Fuji would have to have the crank sprokets changed but right now it is on sale for $1,100 off and the other two are not. The Cervello is not handled by a local shop and would have to go to Philly (30+) miles to test ride and/or buy. That puts it in third place. Would welcome comments or suggestions on these three or any others. I know I don't presently need a bike in this class but I don't want to have to upgrade again. Thanks to all in advance.

ken cummings 08-24-08 07:00 PM

Delaware has very nice, free State bike route maps. I suggest getting a set so you can keep picking new training routes.

bikinpolitico 08-24-08 07:24 PM

Welcome, LAte2theroad. All three are good bikes, but I'd go with the Cervelo if I had the choice. I think they make great bikes and really understand racers.

East Hill 08-25-08 04:34 PM

Well, the roadies in the Road Cycling forum would probably be more help than I am, but I think I might go with the Cervelo too...

East Hill
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