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PAFirefighter11 08-26-08 07:06 AM

New from West Chester, PA
Hey all. My name is Rick, I'm 26, I live in West Chester, PA as well as Brick, NJ. My g/f lives in Newark, DE so I am down there quite often as well. I'm mainly into Jeeps and F-body vehicles (I have a Jeep Cherokee and a Chevy Camaro Z28). I'm on countless forums for Jeeps and F-bodies and figured I'd join a bike forum as well. I am a photographer & web editor and work for an aftermarket Jeep parts company in West Chester called Quadratec.

I have a 1997 Schwinn s9[six] that I just pulled back out of storage. I need new tires, tubes, a chain, a paintjob, lots of grease/oil, and some other loose ends. I've been biking since I can remember and was extremely into it (almost daily and every weekend) back in high school. I love trails. I typically ride 75% to 85% trails, and the rest is pavement. I haven't been on the trail in the past 4 or so years. My g/f is fairly new to mountain biking, so it'll be nice to get back into it and have her join me. I look forward to being on yet another forum :)

East Hill 08-27-08 06:19 PM

Hi Rick, it sounds as if you have a lot of hobbies and interests to keep you busy. Hopefully you will stick with the cycling though...:) .

East Hill
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