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Rebel 08-28-08 03:57 AM

Another Oregon biker
Howdy, :cheers:

Came here hoping to find someone to join me for the Lake Tahoe ride next month. I'll post a thread for that soon.

I'm a warm weather recreational rider, and I don't ride a lot. I like the exercise it provides 'cause I spend most of my time on the 'puter. :crash: I'd ride more if I knew other riders, but solo rides get boring.

I like to cruise the local bike paths or take the bike to nearby Dorena Lake, where there's a nice (but short) Rails-To-Trails path. 40 miles is about the furthest I ride, and generally not much elevation change.

East Hill 08-29-08 07:51 AM

Hi Rebel, try asking in the Northern California forum about people doing the Lake Tahoe ride. There must be at least a couple of people doing that ride. I know I'd be riding it if I lived down there!

Welcome to BikeForums, and don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions!

East Hill
Forum Moderator

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