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jburks725 08-28-08 06:56 AM

Hello from Portland, Maine
Hi everyone. My name is Jason and I'm just getting into cycling again, having not ridden since I was in high school. There's a whole bunch of riding going on up around Portland, Maine, so my wife and I bought some inexpensive Fuji Absolute 4.0 hybrids at the beginning of the summer to see if this might be something in doing regularly. I'm still working on getting her to ride more, but since I got my bike, I haven't driven anywhere less than 8 miles from home, and I'm hooked.

We've been doing nice ~20 mile rides into the countryside surrounding Portland and are loving it. I did a 30 mile tour with some friends from church a few weekends ago and became convinced that the upright geometry of my hybrid was not going to cut it for longer rides, so I started shopping for a roadie. After much reading and a half dozen or so test rides, this past weekend I picked up a Giant OCR A1 on season-end sale (that particular LBS is also a ski shop, so they need to clear out inventory pretty early to get ready for ski season).

I've only taken one "real" ride on it so far, but it was a good one, and I'm excited to finish out the season on it. Some folks around here ride year-round, but I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for riding in the snow yet. I look forward to learning more about, and getting better at, cycling. I definitely think this could be an activity to last a lifetime.


East Hill 08-29-08 07:53 AM

Hi Jason, when you do decide to go ahead and ride in the snow, just remember that there's a Winter Cycling forum here. However, there are days when it's ok to NOT go riding in the snow...and ice is worse!

Welcome to BikeForums, and don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions!

East Hill
Forum Moderator

jgrendel 08-29-08 08:18 AM

Another hello from Portland! Joined up here 'cause I've finally committed to biking to work more often and need more (as in more than zero) knowledge.

Currently riding an 87/88 Peugeot Bordeaux (I'm the second owner) and looking to get it back into great shape.



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