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Bugsyii 08-28-08 12:48 PM

Introducing - me.
Ok, so usually I'm not quite that self-possessed, but you be the judge.
I joined up because I found an interesting discussion from a couple of years ago while researching Solex mopeds. No, I'm not a Solex rider - I've got enough problems. Actually, that's a joke; they're amazing, if wierd, machines. In looking through the threads, there's a lot of good information from people who really have experience with the issue at hand. That's valuable to me, and I'll try to limit my comments in that way.
That probably is as much introduction as I need to give. I'm way down at the "Fred" end of the bicycling spectrum, using my bikes mostly for commuting, errand running and touring. I use my Voodoo with Ritchey cross-bites for my everyday mule, often with a BOB Yak on behind to haul groceries, compressors, musical instruments, etc. I love bike touring, though I'm relatively new to it - done a few local overnights, 300 miles to northern New Hampshire a couple of years ago, a trip around Lake Champlain last spring, and I'm planning to ride up to Burlington, VT (about 250 miles round trip) next month for Bikefest and the New England HPV get-together. For that I will take my Optima Lynx recumbent, loaded for self contained touring. That's my favorite, though it's a bit low for commuting to town.
Here in Vermont, hill-climbing is important. In a group, look for the bike with the lowest gearing; that's probably me.
You'll probably see me in the recumbent, electric bike and touring forums. Say hello when you do.



East Hill 08-31-08 09:43 AM

Hello Bugsyii, there's nothing wrong with being a Fred. I'm one, and it does not stop me from enjoying riding my bicycles.

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
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