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RoxyanneY 08-30-08 12:42 PM

Greetings from Sunny San Diego
Hello, all.

My name is Roxyanne and I'm just getting back into biking after a 20-some-odd year hiatus. DH is training for a century with his new best friend from work, who does Ironman Triathlons. I don't have any delusions about reaching that level, but I would like to get into better shape.

Right now I can do a five-mile track around a reservoir near my house in about 20 minutes. I would like to work into a full hour or more of training-level riding several days each week. I'm trying to lose a couple of pounds a week by upping the exercise quotient.

I own a 2004 Rav4 that I absolutely love, and I'd like to get a bike rack for it because I regularly run carpool with three kids in the car, which negates being able to fold down the back seat to accommodate the bike.

My daughter (10) likes to ride, too, so I'd like a rack that will carry three bikes if possible, but so far I've only seen the Thule two-bike carriers for the spare tire mount that fit the Rav.

Can anyone recommend a Rav4 bike rack that will hold three bikes, and tell me how you secure the bikes against theft if you've got to leave them for several hours in the parking lot at work?

Thanks, all!


East Hill 08-31-08 08:51 PM

Hello Roxyanne, I can't help answer your questions, but I can suggest that you ask in either the General Cycling forum, or the Recreational & Family Cycling forum.

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
Forum Moderator

RoxyanneY 09-01-08 04:29 PM


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