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SeaBee 09-12-08 01:00 PM

Hi from Paarl, South Africa
Howzit guys,

Real name is Christo: DBA by day, dad and hubby after hours, 38 year old from Paarl in South Africa - it's in the Cape Winelands.

Started cycling at the end of 04 when I wrecked my knee playing squash. Got pulled into cycling by a friend and got myself a mtb - we have some real nice places to go offroad around here. Just had a lot of fun on it, nothing serious. About 2 years later, just before my daughter was born, my friend was out of cycling alltogether and I started contemplating -and got- a roadbike. Both bikes are Fuji's, the mtb an 04 Suncrest and the road is a 06 Roubaix Pro.

With the roadbike I started off with a bang, which obviously waned after my daughter pitched and by the middle of last year I told my wife I was going nowhere and just frustrating myself riding once a month or so. So I became a member of a cycling assosiation and started doing funrides justabout a year ago and found it to improve my motivation immensely. Now I'm even miserable if a weekend passed where I could not get on one of the bikes and with spring coming and more light available, rides after work will again start to happen, even riding home from work (which is in Stellenbosch - just a nice 50k ride).

My biggest regret is that I did not "find" cycling as a sport earlier. I tend to be a bit of the silent type, so getting out on my bike, enjoying the ride, enjoying nature and the odd chat and joke if we're in group - perfect!

Glad to have come across this forum and hope we'll have some fun here!


jsharr 09-13-08 08:24 AM

Welcome to the forums. I know we have one or two mods who can speak Afrikaans. I hope I spelled that right.

Hopefully they will duck in here. But beware, they may well demand some of your biltong.

kenyan_boy 09-13-08 08:32 AM

Welcome to BikeForums, my fellow African brother!

as jsharr said, there are some guys here who'll demand biltong.

I agree, I am one of those silent types who didn't get into cycling young. Never exposed until a co-worker gave me his old road bike, but who cares, life is long, enjoy it and savour the beautiful countryside you have there.

You live in a beautiful area of SA. My wife and I honeymooned/backpacked in SA 3 years back, did the garden route, explored Cape Town and the areas all the way to Cape Point, did some winery tours. Didn't make it to Stellenbosch, but our tour guide lives/lived in Paarl.

Planning on visiting again during the 2010 Football World Cup. Cheers!

Tom Stormcrowe 09-13-08 08:35 AM

Groete, SeaBea! Welkom by ons forum! Ek hoop u gebring biltong!

East Hill 09-14-08 07:17 AM

Hello Christo, it sounds as if you have found the perfect form of sport for yourself. It will give you a better attitude for tackling what the rest of life brings you, and in a couple of years, you can get your daughter started :D .

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
Forum Moderator

lotek 09-14-08 08:53 AM


Howzit china? hoe gaan dit mit jou?
I'll switch to engels for the sake of anyone else reading this.
And yes, I am the one who will request Biltong and Droewors.
More than that, I might offer my firstborn for a sixpack of Castle.
I stayed in the Jo'burg area for 5 years, thus my love for all things south african.
Welcome to the Forums, hope you'll do a bit more than just lurk and listen.


SeaBee 09-18-08 01:34 AM

Kyk nou hoe verras julle my met die Afrikaans! But before I get banned for posting "gibberish"...

Thanks for all the replies - allready feel very welcome. And I am surprised at the activity on the forum - it is absolutely amazing!

Kenyan_boy: yes, it truly is an amazing part of the country - and world! I've seen some very good thing regarding Kenyan cycling on our local TV cycling show. Hope the sport really picks up!

As for the requests for biltong, droŽwors, Castle (now you're talking!) and the likes... will see what can be attached in posts! Bet you all are also missing the Argus Tour!


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