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sloane 09-13-08 12:41 AM

So im new big surprise haha

now that im done stating the obvious

Im from Corona, CA just bought an older 10 speed TREK 1400 trying to get into the sport dont know much hopefully i can learn what i neeed to know here so bear with me and my many many questions to come haha

but im 22 and my girlfriend and i are trying to get in better shape and we figured biking would be a good idea when we rode her parents beach cruisers around one day.

i used to dirt jump bmx bikes in like high school haha anyone wanna buy an old haro? hahahahahaa

but anyways im here and that is that

this has gone on to long i think.....

Panthers007 09-13-08 12:45 AM

Welcome to the fold, sloane. You'll find a wealth of information here - and nice folks who will help you with whatever you need to know about bikes and your Trek in specific. It's quite the knowledge base here - I just joined the other day and I am quite impressed.

Do check out the Search The Forums link on the tabs above of where you're reading. It works! Have fun and happy trails from Vermont.

sloane 09-13-08 12:52 AM

haha thanks very very very much:)

East Hill 09-13-08 02:38 PM

Hi Sloane, could we see photos of the Trek?

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
Forum Moderator

sloane 09-19-08 02:12 AM

ok took me long enough but im here and got a pic haha

taped the bars and got a new seat i think it looks pretty good for now till i get more serious not sure what to do to it next i know it needs new tires

AndrewP 09-19-08 09:33 AM

That's not a 10 speed (which would date from the 1970s), but a nice early-1990s 14 or 16 speed. I like the frame pump. It would be prettier without the clip-on aero bars, and with the drops tilted up to make the top almost horizontal, but that is purely personal opinion. I hope you have bought as nice a bike for your gf.

sloane 09-19-08 02:00 PM

she didnt have much money to spend but she got an older miyata 100 it needs work but the frame and wheelset are pretty much perfect just needs some drivetrain work

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