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msee 09-13-08 07:44 AM

Hello from Nottingham, UK
Hi Everyone!

I am a fairly novice cyclist. Although I have cycled throughout my life it's only recently that I have actually owned my own bike! - a second hand Raleigh Classic. I am currently in the process of buying a brand new Marin Kentwood though the UK Cyclescheme that enables one to buy a new bike and accessories tax free for commuting purposes. It's great discovering the pleasure one gets from cycling for commuting or leisure as well as the significantly reduced costs compared to car ownership and even using public transport.

East Hill 09-14-08 07:14 AM

Hello msee, I truly wish we had a similar Cyclescheme here in the US, but it is not likely to ever happen in my lifetime :( .

At least the UK does!

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
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