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Clunker 11-21-08 08:26 AM

Hi, from Charlotte, N. Carolina, USA
Hi to all, from Charlotte, NC.

I've been a visitor on this site for a couple of weeks...Great Forum! I was an avid rider for many years...then stopped riding for a decade or so...and now I've just started riding again. I'm currently riding a road bike (Ross Centaur, pink & white, beautiful...but not my color choice). I'm keeping my eyes open for my 'next road bike' and I've been perusing the wealth of info here on BF. I also sometimes ride my old hybrid/ (80's Lotus, heavy & built like a tank...must be made out of concrete). Since I've just started riding again, I'm not really that comfortable with fast bikes (or slow ones either)...that's why I like the 'clunkers' and that's why my User Name is 'Clunker.' Best Wishes to all.


10 Wheels 11-21-08 08:42 AM

Welcome Ron.
Now you need to show some pics of your bikes.
All bikes are good. Enjoy what you have.

gurry 11-21-08 09:48 AM

Hi Ron, welcome to the forums. Clunkers are a lot of fun, cheap, and can be made reliable. I've got a few myself and they are great for learning to fix, rebuild, restore, ride.

Clunker 11-22-08 01:29 AM

Thanks 10 Wheels & gurry. I will try to post pics soon, but I'm not sure if it is proper to do it on this thread. I also just got a couple of 'project bikes' at a yard sale (I 'got weak')...a Panasonic Team (1985?) in Fair Cond. & a Miyata 914 (1989-early 90's) in GC to VGC.
I really do like the older bikes, as I think they have a 'classic look,' and my preferred riding speed is currently a VERY leisurely pace. If I had a modern bike, then I would 'get weak' and be tempted to 'push the envelope' (not yet, maybe later). I promise to post pics soon. Before I post the pics, perhaps I should read the 'stickies' & forum guidelines again to find out the proper forum/thread to post the pics. Thanks again. Best Wishes.


donlode 11-22-08 02:18 AM

greeting ron.

Clunker 11-23-08 06:18 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Here are the pics of:

1984-1985 Panasonic Team
Late 80's-Early 90's Miyata 914
Early-Mid 80's Ross Centaur

The 'Concrete' Lotus is currently out on loan to a relative.

Thanks to all on BF. Best Wishes,


Attachment 87348
Panasonic Team

Attachment 87349
Miyata 914

Attachment 87350
Ross Centaur

flyingscotsman 11-23-08 06:40 PM

Welcome clunker.

What part of Charlotte are you in?

10 Wheels 11-23-08 06:48 PM

They are all very nice.
I like The Ross Best.

Clunker 11-24-08 11:32 AM

thanks donlode, I would love to visit Australia is one of this world's great treasures. Best Wishes.

I currently live in North Charlotte (Oakdale). I try to ride some of the less traveled roads on this side of town, but I also ride through Dilworth & other surrounding areas. Since I'm just getting back into riding, most of my rides are 6-10 miles and rather slow, but I plan on working my way up to longer rides as I progress. Best Wishes.

10 Wheels,
the Ross is the bike that I ride the most, as it fits me the best. The Miyata is in VGC, but is too small, and the Panasonic needs tires, a tune up and is a bit too large. Best Wishes.


AndrewP 11-24-08 03:47 PM

I love the Ross colour scheme, but you must get a proper matching water bottle

East Hill 11-30-08 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by AndrewP (Post 7910660)
I love the Ross colour scheme, but you must get a proper matching water bottle

I am in accordance with this!

You should post your photos in the Classic & Vintage forum, too.

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions :) !

East Hill
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