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CjBad 12-09-08 11:47 PM

Hey all, I am new to the forums. I just moved to Chicago a few months ago and I commute daily as I left my hunk of junk back in Michigan. My commute in Michigan used to be 15 miles round trip but now it is down to 5 here in the city. In these cold wet days, the shortened ride is nice but I did like a longer commute. This will be my first winter of commuting and so far I have seen a couple days in the teens and my only complaint is my feet. I gotta grab some warm but not so bulky boots.... any reccommendations? I actually enjoy riding in the snow... how about everyone else?

I ride a mountain bike and I do appreciate it so far this winter but once spring rolls around, I plan on gettin myself a decent ss road bike. They just seem to get around better. I also love to ride singletrack with my mtb but that's another discussion.

StephenH 12-12-08 10:01 AM

Hello, and welcome to the forums.

I can't help you on the cold-feet problem, don't have that too much here in Dallas. Machka, one of the regular long-distance riders on the forums, has a post on what works for her: You might also check in the Winter Cycling or Commuter forums.

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