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Stanae86 12-10-08 02:07 AM

Sacramento, CA
Hey Everyone,

I'm Stan. I live, work, and mostly ride in Sacramento, California. I'm a daily commuter (rain or shine) and a recreational bicyclist (fun rides, century rides here and there).

Daily Commuter Bike
A 2005 Cannondale Adventure 400 hybrid. When I tweaked a wheel on a nasty curb, I upgraded the wheelset to some Forte Titans (heard they were the same as Neuvations?). Got some kevlar tires to try to keep the flats away, Planet Bike Freddy Fenders, Crank Brothers Candy C pedals, a nice little aerobar to try and help me get to work a little faster when I'm a little behind schedule, and a bike rack on the back with two panniers, one for clothes, one for lunch and my shoes. Currently running 3 Planet Bike Super Flashes on the back with a Cygolite dual in front (10W narrow + 6W flood), and a buttload of reflective tape on the wheels and frame. After my friend, Jeff, referred me here to look at the P7 LED threads, I ordered up a P7 flashlight from DealExtreme and plan to use it as a new front light. Currenlty waiting on delivery, with the batteries, charger, and a bike mount for the flashlight.

Weekend Fun Bike
2005 Specialized Roubaix Comp Double with Ultegra group. Cracked one of the Ksyrium wheels and replaced them with a good reliable set of Mavic Open Pros with Ultegra hubs. Mostly stock.

I didn't start riding more regularly until about two years ago, when I got married and my wife and I moved to a new house. There, I met my neighbor who biked quite a bit and started getting me to ride more. Also about two years ago, I started a new job that has a locker room and indoor secured bike storage room. Since starting that job, I've been biking everyday. Saving $50 (now up to $71) a month on a parking permit, plus gas money, plus wear and tear on the car justifies me spending money on bike stuff once in a while without feeling guilty.

I'm one of those guys that once drove into their garage while I had a bike still strapped to the top of my car. Ouch. It was at that point, I got my first road bike, a Specialized Allez Sport Triple. I wasn't doing any mountain biking and when I broke that bike, I figured I'd try out road biking. I like it. But, ideally, I'll get a mountain bike again in the near future to have the option of mountain biking also. Especially since there are supposed to be quite a few nice areas with trails nearby in Folsom and El Dorado.

Happy to be here. Although I think I'll be mostly a lurker and not much of a poster. :)

StephenH 12-12-08 09:55 AM

Howdy, and welcome to the forums. :)

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