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simplestyle 12-10-08 06:00 AM

Hey, from Macau SAR.
Hey everybody. These threads have been a great tool for me especially now that I'm living halfway around the world from my free-advise gear-head buddies. I figured it was way past time that I register and start seeing all your attached photos.

The bike I left behind in Cincinnati... Gary Fisher Aquila converted to singlespeed via Paul Components Melvin. I can't give the Melvin enough props. Man, that was a fun bike.

But it's much more flat here so...

The bike I'm awaiting the arrival of here in Macau... IRO Angus. Who knows maybe I'll start saving my Patacas for some fresh Paul parts on this rig too. I like that Royal Flush theme. Especially since Macau is the Vegas of SE Asia.

StephenH 12-12-08 09:53 AM

Hello, and welcome to the forums. :)

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