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Salgonza 12-11-08 01:13 PM

New to Forum - Hello Everyone!
Hi to everyone. Im just signing up, but i've been reading posts for a couple of weeks now.

Ok, now on to my story:

About 3 years ago I purchased a Trek 7.3 Fitness bike. I started riding but wasn't really into it, couldn't self motivate. So it just sat there in garage. Last year I let a friend borrow it to participate in a Triathlon and after he was done training and after the event it just sat in his garage. I wasn't in such a hurry to get it back.

Over that same time I've hard horribly crazy hours with work, so a lot of fast food and a lot of eating late and not healthy. In the last 3.5 years i've steadily gained about 50-60lbs. Not good at all. Which brings me to today, and actually the past few weeks. I've decided enough is enough so I went and picked up my bike dusted her off and threw my leg over her. I've been commuting to work the past 2 weeks, which isn't very far, 2.6 miles. But my ultimate goal is to be able to do like a 10-15 mile ride on my way to work. And then just a nice ride back home. And on the weekends go for a lot longer rides. Eventually hopefully I can be at the point to get a real road bike to put in some real miles. But now I've got the bug. I want to learn about bikes, whats out there, how to repair, how to do maintnance. I'm like a research-o-holic.

Im in So Cali by the way. Near Long Beach, Carson to be exact. 27 years young. Have a beautiful and wonderful girlfriend, that is starting to ride with me on the weekends for added motivation. 2 dogs which im in the process of training to run along the side of me and not pull me, because afterall I want the exercise too.

I have a hectic schedule, 2 jobs, and I attend school for massage therapy in the evening, which I will be done with in June. Can't wait, half way done w/ that already.

I like to volunteer my time at marathons, run/walks helping the participants relax after a grueling event.

I thank you for reading my intro and hope to be posting here as often as I can and hear from people close to me.


10 Wheels 12-11-08 01:22 PM

Welcome to BF.
Never had a massage after riding.

RonH 12-11-08 01:29 PM

Welcome to BF.


Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 8004260)
Never had a masage after riding.

You haven't? It feels awesome! :thumb:

Salgonza 12-11-08 02:55 PM

It's the best feeling. Someone stretching your quads and hamstrings. Flushing the lactic acid from the mucles. Compressions on the Erector muscles and the lower back. Amazing feeling. If you ever have the chance, schedule a massage and before the massge go for a ride, take a nice hot as you can handle it shower then go for your massage.

RonH 12-11-08 04:16 PM

I make the mistake -- once -- of riding my bike to get a massage. Getting there was fine. Riding home was another story. Somehow I couldn't get my muscles to work as hard as usual. I guess they were saying, "What's the hurry? I'm relaxing." :)

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