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jimab 12-14-08 05:12 PM

Old but not finished
Just to introduce myself to the community...I'm a 62 year old retired Headteacher and have recently bought a very nice recumbent, a (Radius) Peer Gynt (lwb uss). My first ride was somewhat scary. I just couldn't relax which I'm told is the secret. I will persevere and hope to benefit from the experience and advice of any recumbent riders on the forum. I live in Cheltenham, UK, so if there is someone not too far away I would be pleased to hear from them.

jgedwa 12-15-08 09:58 PM

Get thee to the 'bent subforum for moral support. It is a religion to them, and so they will be sure to give you aid and comfort.


downtube42 12-15-08 10:09 PM

First and foremost you need to have confidence that you'll eventually get it. And you will :)

Everyone will say "relax your upper body", but IMO those are just words and you just have to get enough miles and it will happen naturally. Just keep riding.

After a bit of seat time, I did low speed figure-eights in an empty parking lot until I started to feel comfortable with the handling.


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