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twink 12-16-08 12:56 PM

First post
I signed up maybe two weeks ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting anything. Just got back into riding after a 60 year layoff. The equipment is fascinating, so I look to buy one of everything (at least if feels that way). Started last May, got a Sun recumbent bike 'cause it felt good, but I had some balance issues for a couple of months, then got a Sun recumbent delta trike, then a Torker 3sp trike for groceries, and recently a Dahon Speed for travel. My wife thinks I'm crazy since she's happy with her Schwinn Sierra 7. I'm going to get her a Dahon for Christmas so we can ride when we visit the grandchildren in Bakersfield. I don't put in too many miles a day 'cause I'm just now getting my legs and wind back, but I start to get really restless if I can't get outside on one of my bikes. Is this the sign of addiction?

10 Wheels 12-16-08 01:00 PM

You will get stronger every week.
Welcome to BF.

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