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Singlespeed92 12-17-08 04:45 PM

New here
Hi all.
I'm just me,a regular guy,who happens to love bikes,of all kinds.
I live in Virginia (for now),and as much as I hate this,I've been a (using the term loosely) professional driver since the middle of '95 (...CDL stands for Can't Drive a Lick:innocent::roflmao2:).

Hopefully,tho,my wife will earn enuff after finnishing school next summer that I can hang up my driving gloves,and live at least a car-lite lifestyle,in another place,and maybe further my own edumication.But for now,I guess I'm a "weekend warrior",only riding pavement when I can't get to the trails.


10 Wheels 12-17-08 09:33 PM

Welcome to BF.
CDL here retired.

Singlespeed92 12-17-08 09:55 PM

Thanks for the welcome mat!:thumb:

"10 Wheeler"?-Dump truck?

I drove OTR from '95 till 2-07,drive a local dumper now (just changed jobs today-laid off from the asphalt hauler due to lack of hot rock this season,start hauling coal as soon as I get a copy of my surface mining card-lost my copy:innocent:).

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