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mountainbikemat 12-19-08 12:03 AM

Checkin in
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hey there riders, just checkin in from out here in california. just started back inon my new ride an fsr hc expert, rides great-- always wanted fs and the wait has been worth it so far. i ride around the hills and streets above claremont california and i'm getting alot better at shootin drop ins up at web cyn. I just let the youngsters show me the fast way to the bottem and so for I've only have had 1 u-tube quality wipe.
Anyways always looking for something to ride on, i like peddeling up to the top of the fire roads and droppin into single tracks as best i can the adventure of it all is like nothin else, ok well thgere are a few things better but those are different kinds of blasts. hopefully i'm sendin some pics of what i was ridin and what i've got now..... see hya on the dirt Tailrider

10 Wheels 12-19-08 06:38 AM

Welcome to BF.
Your Red Bike Is NICE.

mountainbikemat 12-21-08 07:45 AM

checkin in II
hey 10 wheels, hope your rides are well-- my red trek is torn apart and stuffed in my closet untill i get the parts i need to rebuild it and the time do it in. my specialized how ever also built for long rides as it is actuall y a trail bike..... MERRY CHRISTMAS

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