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fredweaver 12-22-08 06:38 PM

The Desert is where it's at in the winter
I moved to Desert Hot Springs 4 1/2 years ago and love the winters here. The Tour de Palm Springs is Feb 14 this year. Last year around the same time it was in the low 70's for the event, which had over 8,000 participants. So, if you're freezing you fanny off up north, check it out.

Speed2XS 12-23-08 02:21 AM

Welcome to the forums! You guys probably have much better weather and air quality than I do here in the buttcrack of CA. I think a friend and I may make it out to check out the tour this year if funds permit.

cyclezealot 12-23-08 02:38 AM

Again welcome.. Yes.. Away from the chilly , cool , foggy sea air in January. Winter cycling can be really nice... Plus, you've sometimes the lush winter , desert landscape...Can't say it's great cycling in August tho.

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