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sdean911 12-23-08 09:12 PM

Back on the road again
Hi everyone. New to the Forum but been riding on and off for 40 years. I started riding in the '70's with an expensive Japanese road bike. Wasn't a Fuji but was a great bike. Road it for 20 years and replaced just about everything on it at least once until it found a corner of the garage and finally got sold. I took 10 years off and then got hot to ride again about 8 years ago. Bought a Raleigh on sale that was too big and struggled with it so I never got that serious. Last spring I bought a new frame with a carbon fork from Performance Bike and swapped all the hardware. Setting up the bike and tuning it was more fun then I remembered so here I am looking for information on everything. I am collecting tools and knowledge so I can tweek this and that to get the bike just right. Who knows; a full carbon bike may be in my future. I will be looking in often.

Be careful out there, Greg

10 Wheels 12-24-08 02:02 AM

Welcome Greg to BF.
Getting the correct fit to a bike makes one faster.

sdean911 12-24-08 08:36 AM

I am sure you are right 10 Wheels. When I was a kid I fell into the right bike as I have only great memories of that first road bike. At 40 I purchased the Releigh assuming it was the quality more then the fit and it just never felt right. Now I have the right size fame but a used gear train and wheel set and will probably over time spend more money then if I just bought the entire bike new. Of course durring the process I will be having fun,like I said above"tweeking it to get it just right"


1bluetrek 12-24-08 11:39 AM

Welcome to the forums! Lots of good folks and info here!

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